Our company which is one of the Turkey’s leading company, make production in sync with stalls and robots by the latest technology and 3D modeling management. Our factory and our business offers to our valued customers Package Elevator Systems with lift visual accessories and designs as a diversified concern.

Our basic productions which branded in Turkey; Automatic Landing and Car Doors, Car, Sling and Button Systems in the form of series production, to be used in shopping mall, subway, high-rise buildings and public buildings as well as in villa. They are not only for new installations, designed for use in modernization projects too.

International Standards and Certifications

We provide service in almost every application in addition to except for product sort, standardized equipment; special design and special coatings are appropriate with international standards. Our products have the essential and necessary certificates.

Safety and Reliability

Safety and reliability of elevator facilities must be higher than other machine systems; in terms of human life and property safety. As a UYGAR, selecting elevators for needs and purpose, we are creating elevator configuration. We have fundamental knowledge, disciplined, continuously followed the world standards and are dynamic company that aimed to develop.


Our vision is; technology, changes and innovations which follow at the same time emphasis on originality, is the most preferred brand in the world.


In line with the expectations and needs of the customers; to provide superior service in the most reliable and efficient way during sales & after sales process. Our goal is; increasing our market share by maintaining our reliability in the sector, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty, providing continuous improvement by adding value to employees and society.


Our MOTTO is “Trust to Motion”. Our goal is by offering the highest level of service and the superior quality for being attractive to our clients. We want to be perfect around the world.

We are focused on the four strategic topics to achieve the perfection:

  • Leadership and Values
  • Customer Benefits
  • Superior Performance
  • Innovative Solutions

Our enterprise is constantly working for the best, without compromise on quality, proud to producing of elevators that our country needs and serves our valued customers.