With the assurance of UYGAR ELEVATOR AND ESCALATOR ISO 9001:2015 quality management system, our production process consists of the following stages.


UYGAR ELEVATOR; in accordance with the project received; manufactures elevator door, cabin and sling systems in its own factory. It supplies complementary materials such as control panel, button, motor, rail, rope and buffer from other companies in accordance with the requirements of the project. Each production is inspected with its own control mechanism and its compliance is ensured

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Fabrikamız - Boyahane - Uygar Asansör

Electrostatic Powder Coating / Painting System

UYGAR ELEVATOR, manufactures all painted parts in its own electrostatic powder paint facility.

Installation Facility

UYGAR ELEVATOR; It brings together all the parts prepared during the manufacturing process in the assembly area. Elevators, whose assembly is completed, are connected to the test setup at the factory site to be subjected to all tests. The elevators, whose tests are completed, are ready and waiting for the dispatch order.

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