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Homelift-Villa Elevators

Villa elevators, which occupy a space of less than 1.2 m2, are produced as modular (disassembled). It is used in villas, houses, apartments, duplex and triplex apartments with automatic or manual doors up to 7 stops and in all common areas. It is produced with galvanized coating for difficult climatic conditions such as sea edges, seaside restaurants, hotels. There are no restrictions in terms of areas of use for all places with and without a well bottom or a well bottom, as well as for watercraft such as yachts, boats, cargo and passenger ships.

For technical specifications ;

Green Energy

It consumes very little energy with the Home lift VVVF driving system, which is available in every home and can work with your standard power line. With the rapid development of technology, choose reliable products that reduce your energy consumption and for a greener environment with smart devices that have entered our production portfolio.

The engine room is not required.

With our Homelift designs that will revive your sense of freedom in your home, parts such as electricity and control panel that do not require a machine room have suitable places in the elevator and you will not lose any more space.

The home elevator is more luminous and prosperity.

Our designs, which combine elegance with led light ceiling and button set reflecting its own style for more spacious and bright environments in your homes with shafts and glass decking that do not contain sharp lines, provide integrity with the accessories of your buildings or homes.

Quick and Easy Assembly

Designed by our project engineers with 3D modeling technology specific to each place, Home lift is produced in a very short time with your approval. With our professional friendly expert teams, your installation time is only a few days. You can request a call back on our website for our elevator models suitable for the accessories of your buildings or you can get 24/7 support from our online customer service.

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