- Uygar Elevator Systems

Elevator steel construction: It is all the systems required for the assembly features of the guide rails, doors and cabins in the elevator shaft. Elevator steel construction is installed along elevator shafts. Steel construction is designed accordingly to project drawing and by making calculations of pit forces and frontage steel construction covering weight. After the design, steel constructions can be brought together and turned into shaft. During the time our elevators are installed in the shaft created with this system.


Profile dimensions;

  • 100x100x4mm Profile
  • 140x140x4mm Profile

Side Pillars

Vertical Pillars


Fastening Elements

Door Upper and Lower Lintels



Sheet Metal Frontage Cladding

  • Use of 1.2 mm perforated sheet metal,
  • Fastening elements,
  • Electrostatic Painted Rough RAL 7035,

Glass Frontage Cladding

  • Use of 5+0.76+5 mm Laminated Tempered Glass,
  • Fastening Elements